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Dominika 2

Dr. Dominika Dziedzicka

Differentiation potential of hPSC lines, Past members


Dominika Dziedzicka studied Medical Biotechnology at the University of Warsaw in Poland. During her first year of Master program she was a visiting Erasmus student at the VUB and completed a 3-month internship in the REGE lab (Jul-Sep 2012). She obtained her Master degree at the University of Warsaw in May 2013 with a thesis about toxicology of human neural stem cells. Then, in September 2013, she officially joined the REGE team at the VUB as a PhD student. Her research topic is investigating differentiation potential of individual human pluripotent stem cells lines. In january 2020 she successfully defended her PhD entitled "Differentiation proensity of human embryonic stem cell lines: assays and molecular mechanisms".