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Microscope Facility

Specifications @Reproduction and Genetics

a. Lasers: 405, 488, 560, 640

b. 2 GaAsP PMTs and one Airyscan detector for superresolution

c. Axiocam 503 for widefield mode

d. Motorized stage: multi position and tiles imaging

e. Tokai Hit incubator


Specifications @Follicle Biology

a. Lasers: 405, 488, 560, 640

b. 2 multi alkali PMTs

c. Tokai Hit incubator


a. Lasers: 405, 488, 560, 640

b. 1 PCO Edge very sensitive and fast CMOS camera

c. Incubation. temperature control, CO2 and O2 (unique specification)


Charges and booking

Booking and information on charges via our trained technician Geoffrey Duqué ( who will assist you in the use of the instruments. He will send you a link with the agenda to check for availability.